The North Carolina System of Workers' Compensation is designed (in theory) to make certain that injured workers receive the medical care that they need to recover from their injuries. However, the law also specifies that the workers' compensation insurance company gets to dictate the "course" of your medical treatment. What does that mean? It means that the insurance gets to determine if they think that you need treatment. It also means that the insurance company initially picks your doctors.

Doctors suggest treatment to the insurance company and wait for the insurance adjuster to either accept or reject treatment. If the doctor's suggested treatment is rejected, that means that you don't get the treatment that your doctor thinks you need. (absent a ruling from the North Carolina Industrial Commission) The workers' compensation system leaves too much discretion to the insurance companies.

Advanced Injury Law Group knows how to get our clients the treatment that they need. If the insurance company will not voluntarily pay for necessary treatment, we can petition the North Carolina Industrial Commission for assistance. Unfortunately this is necessary more than you would think. Insurance companies like to deny treatment because it keeps their costs lower.

Sometimes injured workers don't get the treatment that they need from the insurance company's chosen doctor. Sometimes the insurance doctors don't listen and sometimes they try to send you back to work before you are healthy. When this happens, we have the option of petitioning the Industrial Commission for a change in your treating doctor(s).

It is critical that you get the medical attention that you need. We can help you get the best treatment possible. Not only is your health important now, but it is also important that you are healthy in the future so that you can earn a living and carry on with your life. Call us if you have questions about your medical treatment. We offer free consultations, so the call is free.