At Advanced Injury Law Group, We Have Three Primary Goals:
  • Get our clients the medical treatment that they need.
  • Get our clients all possible benefits and compensation.
  • Get our clients back to living their lives!

We understand that you didn't ask to be injured on the job. An injury can disrupt your life and can be a scary experience. It is natural for injured workers to worry about their job, their family and their future. Advanced Injury Law Group provides the legal experience needed to put our clients at ease. We work with our clients to create a roadmap to physical and financial recovery. Let us put your mind at ease.

The lawyers at Alliance are realists. We know that settlement dollars provide financial security for our clients. With that being said, we work tirelessly to make certain that our clients receive the maximum possible compensation. However, we also focus on our clients' employment moving forward. We want to make certain that our clients are able to provide for themselves and their families moving forward. Sometimes this means returning back to the same job. Sometimes this involves vocational rehabilitation so that our clients can learn a new line of work. We place our clients' needs before all else.

Get Back To Life After Your Case Is Finished

Some firms measure success solely by the size of your settlement check. Advanced Injury Law Group works hard to maximize your settlement. However, we don't stop there. We know that clients have to live life after their case is finished. We know that clients want to be independent and we do everything we can to make this happen. Your future is our top priority.

Our lawyers will talk with you about your future so that we will understand how to help you best. We need to determine if you are going to be able to work in the future or not. If you are able to work, we need to get guidance from your doctors as to whether you will have to contend with any work restrictions. (restrictions on lifting, standing, stooping, sitting, etc.)

If you are unable to return to your former job, we need to make certain that you can perform other gainful employment. However, if you are injured so badly that you will never be able to work again, we will work with your doctors to document this fact.

Sometimes injured workers need additional job training when they can't return to their original job. This job training is often called "vocational rehabilitation". Sometimes training can come in the form of learning a new trade. Sometimes training comes in the form of going back to school. Every case is different, so we speak with each client about this matter.

If you require additional training or education, this represents financial expense. We want to be sure that the insurance company pays for this, not you. Similarly, if you have to take a lower paying job, we want to make sure that we demonstrate this loss to the insurance company. The lawyers at Advanced Injury Law Group will use the law to your advantage to maximize your settlement and to position you to move forward after your case is finished.